About the Program

There is a movement today in Indian country for a new generation of young leaders who can act as effective agents of positive change from within their tribal communities.

The Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs advocates the building of leadership skills and higher education for our young people and so has created the Sovereign Native Youth Leadership Program (SNYLP) to train the next generation of tribal community leaders.

The goal of this program is to give Native students the tools and skills to be leaders and servants of their people, and to act as ambassadors to their schools, serving as role models and mentors for other students.  Ultimately, a strong core of educated, committed, community leaders are the most valuable resource a tribal community can possess.  A strong economy, good schools, healthy families, a sense of hope, a sense of future–these do not come from the outside, they do not come from the government in the form of good intentioned programs and grants, they originate from within; they come from the people, leaders with a commitment of service to their communities.

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