Program Objectives

  • Identify and eliminate barriers for Nebraska tribes and Indian citizens in the areas of housing, employment, education, health care, economic development and human/civil rights.
  • Promote and effectively mobilize government and private sector resources to improve equitable opportunities for Indians in Nebraska.
  • Educate legislators, youth and the general public on the issues and legislation that impact Nebraska’s tribes, Indian citizens and their families.
  • Apprise the Governor of the climate in the Native American community at the state and national level.
  • Foster diversity and cultural sensitivity with Nebraska State Legislature.
  • Advance sovereignty issues within the state.
  • Promote state and federal legislation.
  • Coordinate existing programs: housing, education, welfare, medical and dental care, employment, economic development, law and order.
  • Work with other state and federal government agencies and federal and state elected officials. 

Program Description

The Commission’s five-year plan is developed from meetings held with tribal leaders and off-reservation Indian communities to determine priorities. Specific areas currently identified for focus are youth/family/elders, economic development, governance and public relations. Additionally, the Commission seeks to promote within Nebraska opportunities for self-sufficiency for Indian people.