President Barack Obama poses with Native America dancers during his visit to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation Friday, June 13, 2014, photo in Cannon Ball, N.D. Associated Press.

On a windy Friday afternoon on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, President Barack Obama – arriving on ‘Indian Time’ – became the fourth U.S. president to ever visit an Indian reservation. The day was marked by celebration, tradition, optimism and pessimism and, of course, good ol’ fashioned Native American humor.

At one point during the event, the day’s emcee, who was left to kill time, asked a man standing near the stage where he was from. “Washington, D.C.,” the man said. The emcee asked the unidentified man if he were a Washington Redskins fan, then immediately prodded the crowd, “How many of you like the Washington Redskins?” A silence fell over the arena before distant echoes of laughter broke the quiet. “Aaaayyyy!” the emcee chuckled.

Here are some #PrezRezVisit tweets from Indian country about the president’s visit to Standing Rock:




Article by Simon Moya-Smith