On May 6th Executive Director Judi gaiashkibos met with a group of distinguished visitors hosted by Dr. Hahn. The delegation was visiting Nebraska to attend the Berkshire Hathaway Annual meeting. The delegation included:

Salwa Smith, Brazil, President’s Council, Harvard School of Public Health and Accion International, a nonprofit organization fostering micro finance globally.

Valentina Barbacci, London, Development Director of TRVST, a leader in HIV self-testing.

Angela Henry, Hudson Valley-New York, voice actress who has worked in West Africa with CARE.

Larry Johnson, a native of Lincoln, Nebraska, who now resides in New York City,  served forty years with the United Nations including service as Legal Counsel for three United Nations Secretaries-General.

Natalie Hahn from Central City, Nebraska  is the founder of the Malaika Foundation, and has worked 38 years with the United Nations including service in Africa, Italy and New York City.

The group stated the highlight of their trip to Nebraska was their meeting with Judi gaiashkibos in the State Capitol to learn more about contemporary tribal issues.