Today Governor Heineman delivered his State of the State address before the Nebraska Legislature focusing on economic growth and job creation, education, a balanced budget, and tax relief.

His “Talent & Innovation Initiative” is aimed at enhancing Nebraska’s economic momentum, which includes four proposals to:

  • Create the Nebraska Internship Program to increase the number of college and university students interning with Nebraska businesses.
  • Create the Business Innovation Act to provide competitive grants for private sector research at Nebraska institutions, technical assistance in new product development and testing, and help expand small business and entrepreneur outreach efforts.
  • Create the Site & Building Development Fund to increase the number of industrial and commercial sites available and ready for business development.
  • Create an Angel Investment Tax Credit to incent investment in high-tech and other startup enterprises in Nebraska.

Read more about the address here.


Pictured above (left to right) from the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs in attendance at the State of the State address: Jennifer Bear Eagle, Chairwoman, Khloe Keeler, University of Nebraska School of Journalism Graduate Student/NCIA Intern, and Judi gaiashkibos, Executive Director.