Linked below is the final LB 154 report on Missing Native Women and Children. The intent of the bill was to direct the Nebraska State Patrol to collect data concerning missing Native American women (subsequently amended to include children). Several topics were to be covered and involve multiple agencies of Tribal, State and Federal Government. The goal was to determine the scope of the problem, identify barriers, and find ways to create partnerships to increase reporting and investigation of missing Native American women. A study was mandated to be completed and submitted to the Executive Board of the Legislative Council by June 1, 2020.  Please note the NCIA Special Postscript starting on page 35 of the report as we feel that this section best addresses the heart and soul of the issue, and most importantly, our conclusions.  Please note also that the linked LB 154 report is prefaced by a formal statement from NCIA with the agency’s independent summation of its conclusions, and most importantly, recommendations moving forward in addressing these critical issues.

LB 154 Statement and Report