The University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications student-produced Native Daughters Oklahoma magazine now has a completed curriculum guide to accompany it that can be used to teach secondary education students.

The curriculum guide was funded by an Oklahoma Humanities Council Grant and compiled by 19 Oklahoma teachers at a three-day conference in December. Since then, the guide has been going through several rounds of extensive edits and is now ready to be disseminated to middle and high schools.

The curriculum guide will be available for free to teachers, with the hope that the teachers will buy the magazine to teach their students about the experiences of Native Americans.

Starita and Renaud will now begin working with the Oklahoma Educators Association to promote the guide to Oklahoma educators. Though Renaud said he believes the material has the potential to be promoted and taught outside Oklahoma because of the historical significance of the text.


For more information on Native Daughters, visit their website.  To purchase copies of Native Daughters Magazine, please e-mail Jerry Renaud


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