The Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs sends our best wishes to Senator LeRoy Louden of District 49 as he finishes his term in the Nebraska Legislature.  We thank him for his tireless efforts in working to address issues in Whiteclay, NE and issues affecting the Oglala Sioux Tribe at the dry Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  Although Pine Ridge prohibits alcohol on the reservation, the town of Whiteclay lies 450 feet away with 10 town residents and 4 liquor stores that sell nearly 5 million cans of beer a year.  Senator Louden was responsible for securing funds for NCIA to provide grants for projects in Whiteclay through LB1002.  So far one grant has been given to Sheriff Terry Robbins to increase patrolling in Whiteclay and has helped to enforce the law in an area that is plagued with illegal activity.  He also introduced LB829, which if passed would have allowed for the creation of Alcohol Impact Zones, geographic areas located within a city, village, or unincorporated area of a county that are adversely affected by chronic inebriation or illegal activity associated with sales or consumption of alcoholic liquor.  The bill would have allowed for limitations on certain kinds of alcohol sold in Whiteclay and limitations on the hours of operation for liquor stores in that area.  Senator Louden also worked with Senator Karpisek on LB824, a bill that would have added to the Liquor Control Act a definition for Flavored Malt Beverage.  He has been a strong proponent to bringing a nursing home to Whiteclay as well.