The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska’s economic development arm is looking to add new housing options in the city of Winnebago.

It’s part of an expansion to the tribe’s “HoChunk Village” development.

That development is adding housing on 120 acres of new development.

The community area in the heart of Winnebago will be expanding to the North and East.

281 new residential units will be added, including town-homes, mixed use, and multi-family apartments.

This new expansion project will be titled “HoChunk Village 2.0.”

“What we’re trying to do is create a whole feel that makes it not feel like a particular suburb but make it feel like it’s part of a whole community, with walk ability, main streets, parks, and just a variety of housing types,” said HoChunk’s CEO, Lance Morgan.

Morgan says other communities have reached out to them, hoping they can learn how HoChunk has engineered their community, with Morgan saying he’s happy to share his insights.

Morgan said, “By creating that not, that’s something that’s special not just something that’s getting by, I think it gives a model not only for other Indian tribes but for lots of other rural communities on how to approach development.”

HoChunk Village 2.0 was given the Urban Design Award, with the judges highlighting the development’s ecology, topography, and housing options for different family types.

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