Submitted to the Lincoln Journal Star by Ann Secreast, Founder and Executive Director of MilkWorks

On May 14 and 15, the Center for Great Plains Studies hosted their 41st Symposium in collaboration with the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs. For the first time, the Symposium focused exclusively on Native Americans and brought together an incredible array of national Native talent. News coverage of the event was virtually non-existent.

Almost 800 people attended the Standing Bear breakfast, honoring a bill before the U.S. Congress which would create a National Historic Trail through Nebraska. Young Nebraskans were recognized for sharing Standing Bear’s vision more than 130 years after he successfully argued in a U.S. District Court that Native Americans are persons within the meaning of the law.

The entire room was silent as national TV correspondent Hattie Kauffman encouraged others to create a path of success, despite personal setbacks. […]


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