The Oglala Sioux Tribe along with Nebraskans for Peace announced today at the Nebraska State Capitol Building they would pursue a lawsuit for $500 million against big name brewers. Fox News reported this:

“The Oglala Tribe of South Dakota is suing some big brewers for $500 million in damages that their products have allegedly caused to its members, the Associated Press reports. Targeted in the suit are Anheuser-BuschInBev (BUD, ABI.BT) , SAB Miller (SBMRY, SAB.LN) , Molson Coors (TAPA, TAP) and Pabst Brewing. The tribe is also going after stores in nearby Whiteclay, Neb.–a town with about a dozen residents–that it claims sold 5 million cans of beer in 2010, the vast bulk of them to residents of the reservation¬†where alcohol is banned. The damages are being sought to cover the costs of health care, social services and child rehabilitation, the wire service noted.”

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